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My Scrubs

A scrubs fan community

A community for fans of NBCs Scrubs
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Welcome to myscrubs a community for fans of NBC's Scrubs. Here's what you need to know before joining and posting in the community:

This community focuses on media; screen captures, music from the show,promotional photos etc. try to refrain from creating posts that dont pertain in some way to media (requests for media of course are ok, as well as any posts sharing media or a link)

Please put any spoilers below LJ Cut. Spoilers include those from upcoming episodes as well as information from last weeks episode.

Please don't post anything that doesn't pertain to Scrubs

Consult the community faq before posting questions, they have probably been answered there.

If you have a problem or suggestion contact the mod (scintille)

The mod reserves the right to delete any posts deemed offensive or those that do not pertain to scrubs (including community promotions if they aren't cleared with the mod)